Who ever came up with the idea to package and bag pine cones to sell was just genius! 
And here I have them lying all over the place, just sitting and waiting to be either crafted,  thrown by my kids or sold to some craft stores by some smartie pants that came up with a great idea. 
I mean really, why couldn't I have thought of that!
And although I wish I was the genius making tons of money on the bags of pine cones, today's idea makes good use of them for your holiday table and is super easy to do in just a few short steps.

Pine Bough Candle Holder
Supplies Needed:
Grapevine Wreath
Pine Boughs or Needles
Pine cones
Floral Wire

Step 1:
Collect your Pine Boughs/Needles and cones in a bucket. I like to let mine stay in the bucket for a few hours before I use them to make sure any little critter doesn't end up in my project.
Step 2:
Lay out your wreath and pine needles to make sure that you have enough to cover your wreath.  Use this time to clean up any leaves or sticks that may be in your bunches.
Steps 3:
Using your floral wire, gently wrap the wire around your bunch and secure to your wreath. 
Step 4:
Continue to do this all the way around the wreath until it is covered. The fullness of your candle holder depends on how many pine boughs you use on the grapevine.
Step 5:
When you are finished it should look similar to this
Step 6:
Remember those pine cones that someone is making a fortune on, you know the idea you or I should have come up with? Well go ahead and place a few of those on the ring and secure in place with the floral wire. And to finish the look off add some of the cones and other dried elements to the inside of the glass holder.
Easy, pretty and good use of nature.

Grateful for~
The opportunity to bless those less fortunate then me during this holiday season.

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