Writing this week's Wow's today just didn't seem right for me. 
See, my heart is hurting. I am still shocked and very sadden by the recent events that occurred yesterday in Newtown Connecticut, just as you are. Perhaps as the days go on and we get more information about this senseless tragedy,we will try despite how we feel today, to realize that there is more good in the world then there is evil.
And that sometimes we just don't understand it and may never will.
 I pray that god will provide the strength and comfort to those families affected and for the community and school of Newtown, Connecticut. 
I also hope that you will love your child a bit more then yesterday, and a bit more then that tomorrow and everyday after.

Beth from Homestories A to Z shared some wonderful talking points on how to talk to your about school shootings,which may help you in the upcoming weeks with your child.

See you tomorrow.

Grateful for~
The chance to hug and love on my kids today.


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